about babette burrell

i came upon kombucha while in hawaii doing the soprlusi institute international artist residency,  led by the amazing d'bi.young anitafrika. The kombucha flowed ice cold from the kegs, and tasted amazing, like nothing i had tasted before.  when i got home, i immediately schooled myself on making kombucha and started sharing my creations.  the response prompted me to start this adventure.  I'm so exited to share the kombucha I make with you.  

The idea of The Witches Brew came from my work as a midwife, and my reverence of tradition, ritual and community healing.    Kombucha has many benefits.  It has been known to reduce cholesterol, and assist in weight loss.  While I brew a probiotic rich kombucha, I do not make any claims that my kombucha can achieve these results.  I brew a clean, traditional kombucha, with high quality organic teas, home grown SCOBY's and kombucha starter.  Hope you enjoy it!