dreaming with my eyes wide open

This summer I'll be taking a step into the unknown, opening a kombucha bar in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Ever since having my first taste of fresh ice cold kombucha in Hawaii, I was hooked.  

When I got back to Toronto, i was jonesing for fresh kombucha.  I immediately began to teach myself how to brew kombucha.  If you've ever brewed kombucha, you know that you'll get overrun with scoby quick fast.  Most people share them amongst their friends.  I'm an only child.  It is really really hard for me to share some things, like scoby,  for instance.  Sharing the finished product was another story.  I shared my brew widely among my circle, and their feedback promoted me to take the ultimate leap of faith and live my dream.  

This is definitely a 360 degree shift in my life.  In the last 2 years, i've gone from being a midwife, to a masters degree student to an entrepreneur.  I've never been happier.  Don't get me wrong, i'm terrified, my heart is racing.  I have a deep fear of rejection.  On the other hand, i'm just so happy to be privileged enough to have this opportunity to dream

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