Intuwitchion Incense

Intuwitchion Incense


Intuwitchion incense uses Woods and resins that have been sustainably harvested within indigenous communities throughout south and central america (amber, black copal, palo santo) & somalia (frankincense & myrrh) , for use in ceremony & ritual and clearing.

We recommend that you burn your woods and resins on a charcoal base in a ceramic bowl.  


Peruvian Black Copal

A tree resin with the magical property of grounding space with it's mellow sweet scent


a fossilized tree resin known for its analgesic properties, is used in spaces to create a sense of calm

Palo Santo

aka 'Holy Wood' when burned provides an energetic protection & removes negative influences from your space 

Frankincense & Myrrh

Used for centuries throughout eastern africa and southern east asia, as offering to goddesses & gods in ritual and ceremony 




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